CO2 Removal Systems Design, Evaluation and Optimization

Chem-Engineering Services supplies process engineering support to plants desiring
to upgrade their existing CO2 Removal processes.  Many existing MDEA based single
stage CO2 Removal processes operate with energy use of 50,000 to 55,000
Btu/LbMole of CO2 removed.

New retrofit technology is available to reduce CO2 Removal energy requirements of
existing plants by 50-60% to energy levels of about 20,000-30,000 Btu/LbMole of CO2
removed, using new, improved Two Stage process technology.
A typical flow diagram for the retrofit of an existing Single Stage CO2 Removal
process into a new low energy Two Stage CO2 Removal process is shown below.
Chem-Engineering Services offers clients detailed process simulation services to evaluate
existing CO2 Removal Systems, and supplies process engineering and equipment design for
the upgrade of existing plants to achieve major energy savings.  Payback can be less than 2
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