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Heat Exchanger Engineering and
Heat Exchanger Services
Precise prediction of existing exchanger performance in plants

Heat exchanger services for simulation of existing exchanger performance includes developing fluid
properties for the streams, reviewing and incorporating the detailed mechanical exchanger design into the
software, analyzing thermodynamic performance, assessing the effects of fouling, developing rigorous
predictions of fluid pressure losses, and performing vibration analyses for determining exchanger reliability.

Economically optimized new exchanger designs for improved heat transfer or capacity

Chem-Engineering Services heat exchanger engineering provides new exchanger designs that minimize
capital investment, while fulling the requirements of fluid flows, allowable pressure losses, desired heat
transfer.  This is accomplished by optimization of tubing characteristics, shell diameter and tube length,
using sophisticated features of the design program.

Overcome mechanical damage and failure problems in difficult heat exchanger applications

Heat exchangers fail for a variety of reasons.  Fouling may be a major problem for certain designs.  
Excessive fluid velocity and related issues may cause shell side tube vibration, causing mechanical
leakage.  High thermal stresses may result in tubesheet failures and other problems.  Proper heat
exchanger engineering with powerful software can overcome these problems, providing reliable exchanger
designs that perform well.

Design, rating and evaluation of all types of tubular exchangers

Chem-Engineering Services can supply simulations for most plant heat exchangers, evaluating
performance, solving problems and providing reliable replacement designs.

Complex thermal designs including partial condensing and vaporization on both sides

Chem-Engineering Services heat exchanger engineering uses simulation software that can handle complex
thermodynamics, including partial condensing and partial vaporization on either or both the shell and tube

Detailed cost, size and weight predictions

Chem-Engineering Services proposed designs may include estimated cost, detailed exchanger size and a
prediction of the equipment weight.

Tube vibration analysis for determining exchanger reliability

Chem-Engineering Services proposed heat exchanger engineering designs may include rigorous tube
vibration analyses to assure clients of reliable new equipment designs.

Custom design and engineering services to improve plant capacity or efficiency

Chem-Engineering Services offers clients heat exchanger services to expand plant capacity, improve heat
transfer, reduce fluid pressure losses and save energy.

Troubleshooting of heat exchangers having reliability or heat transfer problems

Chem-Engineering Services provides clients with calculations supporting explanations of heat exchanger
problems, including mechanical failure and inadequate thermal performance.

Bid specifications developed for vendors to provide new or replacement exchangers

Chem-Engineering Services supplies heat exchanger services supporting equipment specifications,
enabling vendor inquiries for replacement heat exchangers to achieve the plant goals of improved capacity,
efficiency or equipment reliability.

Support for most all services and sizes of heat exchanger equipment

Chem-Engineering Services offers clients heat exchanger engineering for most all sizes and types of tubular
heat exchangers.
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