Heat Exchanger
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Heat Exchanger Engineering and Heat Exchanger Services
Chem-Engineering Services software supports heat exchanger engineering
in design, evaluation and rating modes for shell and tube, double pipe,
thermosiphon, falling film and multi-tube types of heat exchange equipment.  
The software provides optimized new designs, utilizing available fluid
pressure losses to achieve required heat transfer, while minimizing
equipment cost, through a powerful optimizer tool.  Heat exchanger services
are available for rating and evaluating the capabilities of existing equipment
for different service conditions or for entirely new applications.  The Heat
Exchanger software provides rapid, accurate predictions for single-phase
and multi-phase heat transfer problems.  Chem-Engineering Services
software provides heat exchanger services to clients for developing
vibration analysis predictions, explaining existing exchanger mechanical
failure problems and to design reliable new equipment.  Heat exchanger
engineering supplies clients with analyses of exchanger cost, size and
weight for new and existing equipment simulations.

This process engineering support software was developed to support
Chem-Engineering Services clients needs, but is not licensed or offered for

When existing plant heat exchanger equipment is operating with
deteriorating performance or limiting capacity, heat exchanger services
provided by Chem-Engineering Services can provide solutions to improve
reliability, capacity and efficiency.  Heat exchanger engineering services
provided by Chem-Engineering Services can provide highly optimized
designs to fulfill business goals and overcome existing equipment limitations
and problems.
Example Exchanger Types
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