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Process Engineering Support
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Process Heat and Material Balances

Process design and plant modeling for Ammonia, Methanol, Hydrogen, and Synthesis Gas based processes, and other Chemical
Process Industry applications, including heat and material balances, using specific Equation-of-State methods and thermodynamic
options best fitting the process

Plant Process and Utilities Equipment Design

Process engineering services to develop replacement or upgrade equipment to meet plant objectives of improved capacity, higher
efficiency and greater reliability

Plant Performance Assessment

Process engineering services to model existing plant performance, supplying plants with up-to-date documentation of equipment
capabilities for use in plant upgrades

Heat Exchanger Engineering - Design, Evaluation and Ratings

Ratings of existing heat exchanger equipment, and new designs to meet plant objectives

Furnace Engineering Services, Furnace Combustion & Convection Coil Design, Evaluation and Ratings

Process engineering support for furnace and convection section evaluations, new equipment designs and retrofits using
Chem-Engineering Services'
Heat-r-Rate-r software

Plant Trouble-Shooting

Support to resolve equipment operating and reliability problems, including unexplained losses, deteriorating efficiency, and changing
equipment performance

Plant Expansion Design

Production improvement studies, to develop cost effective and efficient ways to expand production

Plant Economics

Process engineering support with economic analyses of project alternatives using modern net present value and discounted cash flow

Equipment Sizing and Selection

Development of equipment specifications for plant retrofits to procure and install projects

Operations and Maintenance Support

Support of plants with reliable key upgrade equipment to raise plant on stream time, and lower maintenance costs